OPI Gel colour is a hybrid gel nail polish system that gives up toĀ  2 week’s ofĀ  flawless Manicure.
The systemĀ  useĀ  an LED or a UVĀ  light systemĀ  to cure and harden the nail polish baseĀ  coats before applying the final top coat. The hardening process is also used to completeĀ  the finish of theĀ  top layer colours.

The entire process and the quality of the product results in a hardened,Ā  resilient finish, ensuringĀ  that your nails endure the trauma of everyday life beyond the expectation of normal polishes.

The brilliantĀ  colours are vividĀ  and absolutely stunning,Ā  producingĀ  magnificent, durable andĀ  gorgeous looking nails.


Glamour Nails